Food List

Successful orthodontic treatment depends upon our patients exercising reasonable care in avoiding hard or chewy substances which will damage braces or other orthodontic appliances.

Types of Food Which Can Cause Problems

Hard and Sticky Foods should be avoided as they cause the brackets, bands and other orthodontic appliances to become loose from the teeth. Distorting and deforming of wires can also occur. These types of problems can extend the duration of treatment.

Examples: Popcorn, Pizza Crust, Nuts, Ice, Taffy, Pretzels, Caramels, Gum (unless it is light weight and sugar free)

High Sugar Content Foods should be limited as they can promote dental decay, just as decay can occur without orthodontic appliances. If it is not possible to brush your teeth after eating, swish water around you mouth.

Examples: Candy, Cake, Cookies, Soft Drinks

Vegetables and Fruit should be sliced into thin wedges or pieces which will not damage the appliances. If corn on the cob is eaten, it should be sliced from the cob.

Examples: Apples, Raw Carrots

It is impossible to list all the types of food that need to be avoided, so please use common sense in your selections. Objects such as pens, pencils and finger nails also need to be avoided as they can cause damage to your braces or other orthodontic appliances.

If you experience a problem with a loose bracket, band or other orthodontic appliance, please call us as soon as possible during regular office hours. That will allow us to schedule the additional time necessary for the repair.